For many projects, a shortage of skilled clinical professionals is all that stands between success and failure. It’s not unusual for companies, both large and small, to need highly skilled clinical staff that can step in and make a difference immediately, whether for a few months or for the duration of a project. INNOPHARMA can provide your biotech or pharmaceutical Company with the high-quality professional staff you need to accomplish your project goals on time and on budget.

Whether you need CRAs or Project Managers we can meet your staffing needs quickly and cost-effectively. By using our skilled professionals to help you complete your projects, no matter how large or small, you avoid additional fixed costs and save the time and expense of recruitment and training.

Full-Service Capabilities
INNOPHARMA’s personnel can work at Sponsor’s offices as a “temporarily mission”. From a single individual to assist in conducting or managing a clinical study, to comprehensive teams to implement and manage entire programs, we can help deliver the results you need, on time and on budget.

Why Use INNOPHARMA Professionals?

  • Capable – knowledgeable in a wide range of therapeutic areas
  • Experienced – self-motivated professionals with extensive industry experience
  • Flexible – skilled staff available on short notice for assignments lasting from several days to several months or Longer
  • Cost Effective – optimize your budget and management resources
  • Efficient – keep projects on track and reduce the time you would normally spend on training new employees